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Birdseye is made specifically for freelancers, partners, and boutique agencies to accelerate your prospecting and closing.

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Birdseye makes it simple for everyone to stay on course to reach their objectives. Think of it as a compass, it doesn’t require tons of input, but it remains unparalleled to get you to where you want to go.

How is my sales pipeline made up?

In one glance, see all your ideas, products, leads & prospects and know what steps to take to convert more opportunities into clients

Am I going to reach my financial goal?

Like driving, things are in constant motion, and with our dynamic intelligence dashboard, you’ll know exactly where you are towards your multiple monetary goals

Where should I focus my sales efforts?

Focusing on the right course of action when things are not going right is critical in today’s fast-moving economy, our app will show you future problems before they happen so you can take corrective measures

Plays nicely with others

We know that independents, small partnerships, and boutique agencies spend too much time on too many apps and not enough converting leads into clients. Birdseye integrates natively with Zapier’s API so you can move your data to and from over 750+ apps pretty much how you like.

Being used by people like you

What surprises me most is that with such a minimal interface, there's so much information on how to improve my sales process, Birdseye has now become part of my daily routine.

Bert Anderson Artist / Illustrator

Birdseye is not another CRM or a project management tool; it's in a class of its own, and every boutique agency needs it to survive in today's marketplace.

Ari Shaffir Software Developer

I love how Birdseye naturally fits into our workflow; it's the starting point for every project, and when we're ready to work for a client, it then connects seamlessly to our other apps.

Sara Jones Copywriter / Writer

Why we’re doing this

We know what it’s like, for independents, small partnerships, and boutique agencies like ourselves, organizing ideas, leads, and projects before actually working on them is a nightmare. We’ve spent too much time in too many apps and not enough converting leads into clients and so we’ve designed a beautiful workspace to organize everything and help us reach our financial goals. And when things have been agreed on with a client, we’ve made it seamless to move all the data over to whatever planning – tracking – working & billing app we use. But Birdseye is going to be much larger than just an app (you’re going to belong to something), and we can’t wait to tell you more as things evolve, please follow our blog and twitter and keep the conversation going, we’d love to hear from you!
Andrew, Daniel, Zsolt & Selena